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Mtn. Grove Feed Mill
Mtn Grove, MO
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Welcome to the MFA Mtn. Grove Feed mill.  We appreciate your visit and patronage. 

We apply quality to our feed while keeping feed cost low for our customers.  Through the years, we have formulated numerous custom mixes for all kinds of animals.  Keeping your animals healthy and thriving is our main goal.  Our staff works hard to keep your operation working for you.  After all, most of us are farmers too.  Please let us know what we can do for you.

John Bray-Manager     
Michael Reese-Assistant Manager

The MFA feed mill offers a dairy supply truck for delivery to your farm.  We warehouse and distribute just about everything needed for the dairy operation.  Skilled and knowledgable sales staff can help you with your questions and recommend acids and soaps needed for smooth operation.  Please call us if you would like to be added to their route.


For your liquid supplement needs, we have available a hi-energy liquid feed supplement from QLF.  Four-wheel and two-wheel tanks, and bale injection are also available.  QLF along with a balanced feeding program proves to be a great investment.  There is a choice of products available to fit your needs.

With the high cost of gas, increase your MPG with the Schaeffer's Neutra Fuel Stabilizer.  Schaeffer has just about everything you might need for machinery lubrication. Using a moly base, Schaeffer's products reduce wear on moving parts.  Prolong the life of machinery, cut down on usage, and cut costs to you by trying Schaeffer's. "IT'S NOT THE COST TO BUY...IT'S THE COST TO USE THAT MATTERS." Let us know if you would be interested in learning more about this produst line.  How about a demonstration?

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